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Custom Wheelchair and Seating Assessments in San Diego

For optimal outcomes, customized seating and wheelchair prescription requires a physical therapy evaluation conducted by a therapist specially trained in this type of assessment.  This type of evaluation is more involved than a typical physical therapy evaluation for a back injury for example.  The physical therapist who is also considered a “seating specialist”, has both coursework and clinical fieldwork associated with providing appropriate recommendations for equipment. 

In the absence of a skilled therapist in this area, it is common for a patient to end up with:

  • an inappropriate and costly piece of equipment
  • uncomfortable seating
  • potential for pressure areas
  • poor postural alignment
  • equipment which does not work with their home environment
  • inability to transport their chair

Insurance companies at this point will NOT pay for another piece of equipment; leaving patients frustrated and “stuck”.

PT in Motion, Inc. is a private company with a team of specialists with many years of experience in evaluating and providing recommendations for the most complex situations, including but not limited to:

  • scoliosis : curved spine
  • pelvic Obliquity: pelvis unlevel
  • breathing difficulties related to seating
  • pressure sores, new or chronic
  • unable to maintain position in wheelchair, ie slide forward on seat, lean to one side
  • unstable on cushion, ie patient feels wobbly
  • patients who may be power wheelchair candidates, but have never used power

NOTE:  Chronic pressure sores are often a result of a problem with positioning in the wheelchair and may be corrected with a competent physical therapy evaluation and intervention.

We work closely with all local vendors and cover Orange County.  Please call for more information or an appointment (858) 565-6910.

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