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I'm not sure if you remember me but a few years ago you became Spencer's champion. My little guy was struggling big time as we tried to figure out how to help him with his motor planning delays. You took us both on, helped him learn how to write, not drool, manage swings and catch a ball.

All I have to say is THANK YOU! Spencer is now in first grade and rocking the world. He plays soccer and scored 5 goals this season. He is also an amazing goalie. (Loves that proprioceptive input of crashing on the ground!) He hit a home run in baseball last season and scored tons of baskets during basketball season. We had his parent teacher conference yesterday and he is getting 100% on all of his math and spelling tests, has the BEST handwriting in the class and is overall a happy sweet little boy.

We still have our challenges but we have an amazing support system at Sage Canyon. He goes to Speech and OT twice a week and has a fan club rooting him on.

I was thinking about you yesterday and felt the need to reach out. Thank you for all that you did for Spencer and our family. I appreciate you more than you can possibly know.

I am very pleased with the high quality of services my son receives at O.T. Etc. My son has so many issues and it is rewarding for me to see him improve. I know this would not be the case without the excellent skills of our therapist. We look forward to our appointment each week. I especially like that we are so well treated, as people, and not just “clients.” Whenever I meet someone who is looking for O.T. services, I always recommend O.T. Etc.

Nancy Kirkman



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