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Interactive Metronome (IM)

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Interactive Metronome is a computer-based technology that enables children and adults to directly exercise and improve the processes of motor planning and sequencing. IM is an exciting technology backed by numerous clinical research studies that confirm measurable performance increases. Performance areas include: motor control, attention, language processing, math and reading skills. Studies show IM may produce significant gains in athletic performance as well.

IM is endorsed by Stanley I. Greenspan, Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of Interactive Metronome, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Behavioral Sciences and Pediatrics, at George Washington University Medical School, a renowned author, a practicing child psychiatrist, and former director of the National Institute of Mental Health's Clinical Infant Development Program and Mental Health Study Center. Stanley Greenspan considers IM an important piece of an effective, comprehensive therapy program for children with development delays, learning disabilities and motor problems.

For more information regarding Interactive Metronome Therapy, visit their web site at For specific information about interactive metronome therapy through our clinic or to schedule an appointment, call Jill at (858) 565-6910.

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