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Dear Brigid,

First, we wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your class. We know it's not easy to teach families with difficult moments but you managed to keep us all interested and we even had a lot of fun.

“More Than Words” is an amazing program and enormous opportunity to us (parents) to begin or to improve communication with our child. We learned many tools to communicate with our loved son and what we could do at home to help him improve. Now we use many visual helpers with Velcro at home and in the community. We loved the “More Than Words” program.

Best Regards,
Lalo, Eduardo, Alma + new baby.

My daughter Zoe is a speech therapy client in your Bonita office. I wanted to let you know how very pleased we are with the quality of your staff there. Zoe's therapist, Lindsey Stark, is wonderful! She is always personable and professional. My daughter is benefitting tremendously from her expertise. I have been equally impressed with Melanie, the receptionist. She has been consistently friendly and eager to help. She provided our introduction to the facility and made me feel confident that Excel was the right choice for my daughter.

I am very pleased with the services your center provides. I happily recommend Excel to other families.

Going to Excel Speech Therapy has been wonderful not only for our daughter but for our family as well.  Our daughter was born with a cleft palate and her doctors told us she might never talk.  We first started going to Excel when she turned one, and at the time she couldn’t say any words.  With the therapists she worked and played hard.  While she was learning, we as parents were also learning.  We were shown how to help her in everyday life, and how to nurture and encourage her speech development.  When our daughter started school, Excel worked with the teachers to help her reach her speech goals.  Now our daughter is five and can say more than a hundred words, is talking in sentences, and communicating with other children and adults effectively. 

We cannot thank the therapists at Excel Speech enough for all that they have done for our family.

A grateful family

Our son was not speaking at all at age 2, so his pediatrician recommended speech therapy. After we found our own insurance didn’t provide appropriate services, we decided to seek out other professional help. My nephew had been seen by OT Etc for occupational therapy and since they share the same facility as Excel Speech Therapy Center, we were able to see how the speech therapists interacted with their patients. So when we decided to pursue other services we knew we wanted our son to be helped by Excel Speech. At the diagnostic meeting, we knew we had come to the right place. After the first session, we knew we would finally get the help we needed for our son. The highly trained therapists were incredible. They matched our sons personality to an appropriate therapist, and we were off and running. The level of care, activities provided, nurturing, commitment, and professionalism we viewed were unparalleled by what we had been through with other places. Our son would get excited to go see his therapist and she always greeted him with hugs, smiles, and an enthusiasm to help him have a successful session. Our therapist took the time to learn about our son’s personality, and utilized his strengths and weaknesses to customize his sessions. She found fun and exciting ways to get him to learn and speak, and was able to provide us with tools to work with him at home as well. Since our insurance wouldn’t pay for the therapy, we were responsible for the cost. But no amount of money could keep us from bringing our son to Excel Speech – and we would pay it all over again if our next child showed signs of needing any kind of therapy. To see our son’s face light up when he finally was able to communicate with us was worth everything. We will forever be in debt to the wonderful therapists at Excel Speech for all of their hard work, dedication, and love of children.

Dear Brigid,

I want to thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm in your work with Matthew.  He has made great progress in his communication and speech over his time with you.  It is obvious that you and the staff at Excel Speech genuinely care about the kids.  Our family really appreciates all you’ve accomplished with Matthew.

Thanks again,
Linda and family

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