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Fine Motor Skills

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Fine Motor refers to the development of small muscle movements in the hands.  When thinking of fine motor skills, we think of activities such as writing, pointing, stringing beads, holding onto a fork or spoon, shoe tying- to name a few things.  Fine motor development does not stand alone, as our hands are part of our body.  There are a lot of factors that make up fine motor skill development.   These other factors may include (but not be limited to): muscle strength and tone, arm and hand stability and mobility, eye-hand coordination, perceptual skills (involving kinesthetic awareness, visual perceptual skills), and behavioral state.

The Developmental Milestone charts, in each section are EXAMPLES ONLY, and should not be taken as a diagnosis for a certain problem.  If you have a concern regarding the developmental level of your child- please seek out a referral for suggestions to do at home and whether a treatment program is necessary.  The lists in each category are supposed to be guidelines.     


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